Pest Control

Concerned about pests in your room or residence? Your first step: contact your Residence Desk.

South Service Desk: for Mountain, Prairie and Maritime Halls

East Service Desk: for Dundas, Lanark and Glengarry Halls and East Village Townhouses

North Service Desk: for Johnston, Mills, Maids, Lambton, Watson and Lennox-Addington Halls and the Graduate Houses

West Residences should report pest concerns to


If you suspect or see bed bugs:

1. Immediately report your concerns to the Residence Manager and the Residence Desk. The Residence Manager will meet with you within 24 hours.

2. If you have itching or irritation from bed bug bites, go to Student Health Services for assessment and treatment. Bed bugs are not a health threat and do not spread disease.

3. A certified Pest Control Technician will inspect your room and begin treatment. The Residence Manager will arrange for inspection of nearby rooms to ensure the problem is under control.

4. Do not move to another room or take your belongings elsewhere.

5. Place all your bedding in a large plastic bag and close it tightly. Wash and dry the bedding and make sure the dryer runs on HOT for at least five minutes.

6. Put all your clothing that has been near the bed in large plastic bags and close them tightly, then wash and dry them as in step 5. A laundry card will be made available for you to wash your bedding and clothing.

7. Plan to stay out of your room for about two hours while the technician completes the treatment.


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