Academic Resource

Need a little help with your school work? Having a hard time with essays, lab reports or studying for exams? Can’t figure out the library? We can help!

Members of the Residence Life Staff team organize events throughout the year to help support your studies. If you live in an academic cluster, you also have a Cluster Leader, an upper year student who has taken many of the same courses in which you are enrolled. Cluster Leaders focus on running events and planning activities specific to your academic needs.

Academic Drop-in Centres

Residence Life also operates three Academic Drop-in Centres (ADCs), one in each major area of residence. These ADCs are located in:

  • South Campus -- in Mountain Hall, above the Mountain cafeteria.
  • North Campus -- in Lennox/Addington Hall, in the second floor common hall.
  • East Campus -- in the base of Glengarry Hall, near the South entrance.

ADCs are open Monday through Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, and are staffed by Cluster Leaders and Academic Programmers. Before large Saturday midterms for first year courses, special hours also run on Friday evenings to provide you with additional spaces to study. Each evening has a specific academic “theme” to cover a wide range of courses, but you’re welcome to drop by with any of your questions.

Additional Academic Resources and Support

  • watch out for the huge Academic Bulletin Boards where information is posted about study tips and resources to help you succeed
  • each residence offers a variety of study spaces both individual and group
  • staff members are given academic information to assist you throughout the year
  • time management workshops are run in the month of October to help you learn key tips and tricks to manage their course load
  • preparatory workshops are run prior to midterms and exams
  • program counsellors, learning commons and faculty are invited into residence to meet with you and other students and provide answers to their questions
  • academic integrity week has a variety of activities to help you
  • stressbusters are run during exams to help you relax and take a break from studying – you might even get to play with a puppy!
  • quiet hours are enforced each evening and are extended during peak times
  • academic articles in the residence newsletter have more tips

If you have a specific academic question, and can’t find the place to get it answered, feel free to email the Academic Programmers at .