Themed Learning Communities

Themed Learning Communities give you a chance to meet your learning needs with like-minded peers. You don’t have to be in a specific academic program to join one of these. There are three Themed Learning Communities: the Study-Intensive Areas, Alcohol-Free Community, and Varsity Athletes Community

Study Intensive Area

Do you need a quieter space to focus on your academic work? Worried that noisy parties in the room next door will disrupt your studying and affect your grades? Living in a Study Intensive Area might be the solution. These areas have community contracts with special attention to noise restrictions, and the staff help create an atmosphere of respect, courtesy and consideration for others.

Alcohol-Free Community

Are you a non-drinker who would prefer to live with others who aren’t consuming alcohol? The alcohol-free community may be perfect for you. You will be supported in your desire to stay sober and be involved in alcohol-free social activities organized in the community.

Varsity Athletes Community

If you are a varsity athlete, you know that your schedule is often a challenge – and your need to be up for early-morning practices can be annoying to room-mates. In the Varsity Athletes Community, you’ll share the residence with other athletes who understand the challenges of mixing competitive athletics with demanding academic work. To live in a residence area with other Varsity Athletes, check with your coach about getting a referral.


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