Quarantine Housing

Arriving from Outside Canada? Airport Arrival

The University of Guelph is offering a 14-day package for students who need to quarantine that includes transportation, accommodation, and food – all components being in accordance with Public Health guidelines. This package is available for all international students who need support in quarantining for the Fall 2020 semester, including new and returning students, regardless of whether you will be living in residence for the Fall Semester.


If you are living on campus in Fall 2020...

  • in most cases, you will move into your assigned residence or Family Housing location 
  • If you are assigned to an area where you cannot isolate, or the residence is not ready for occupancy,  you will be housed temporarily in our East Village community in an area set aside for quarantine use
  • To apply for the 14-day Quarantine Housing period, please complete the application form on the Housing Portal 


If you are living off-campus and must quarantine prior to your lease start date...

  • Accommodation is located in our East Village townhouse community
  • To apply for the 14-day Quarantine Housing period, please complete the application form on the Housing Portal
  • Only one student (or family members travelling together) will be housed in each townhouse, with a private washroom.


Quarantine Support Services

Once we receive your 14-Day Quarantine Application, we will follow up with you about campus support services.  Quarantine support will be co-ordinated through the International Student Experience (ISE) Office.  ISE will ensure smooth communication between all on and off campus partners involved in the University of Guelph Quarantine Plan. 



Red Car Service meets all quarantine protocols and will transport students to the door of their residence.  An option to book your Red Car transportation is included in the 14-Day Quarantine Application on the Housing Portal.  If you are creating your own quarantine plan, you can still book your own Red Car transportation using the discount code “Summer2020.”



Hospitality will provide food as an option to all students housed in quarantine. Meals will be bundled together and delivered once daily to each townhouse.  The cost of 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) delivered is $40.73/day x 14 days = $570.22 + HST


14-Day Quarantine Rates

A minimum of 14-days is required for the quarantine period.  When you complete your Quarantine Application on the Housing Portal, you will be asked to indicate your anticipated arrival date and flight information.  Your reservation will automatically calculate the 14-day period.  You can indicate if you require more than 14 days to accommodate moving to an off-campus lease. 

Housing and transportation costs are currently covered by The University of Guelph
Meal plan costs are $570.22 + HST

The nightly rate for additional accommodation is $48.00 (plus applicable taxes).


Arrival Dates

We can accommodate arrival dates at any time, however, we must receive your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your arrival date.



ISE, Student Housing Services and other campus stakeholders have developed a range of virtual programming to promote the integration of international students on campus.  You will receive more information once your Quarantine Application is submitted.



on the University of Guelph Housing Portal