Study-Intensive Community

We recognize that students have varying needs when it comes to their living environment. For those who seek a quieter-than-average community to pursue their studies, there is the option to apply to live in a Study-Intensive Area.

Study-Intensive Areas are areas in residence where 24-hour quiet hours are in effect. Students in those communities work together with the Residence Life Staff to create an atmosphere of respect, courtesy, and consideration in maintaining a reasonable level of quiet.

If you are interested in this option, it is important to understand your responsibility in maintaining the standards set for that community. You must be willing to be an active partner in this venture, and must accept the following community standards as listed in the Residence Contract. Please take the time to read over these carefully.

It is also very important for you to understand the limitations of this kind of program. Student Housing Services strives to promote community living and social interaction among students in residence, including students in Study-Intensive Areas. While these areas provide a quieter-than-average environment, they are not immune from the sounds and distractions that are a normal part of day-to-day campus life. Individuals expecting absolute quiet at all times may not be well-suited to residence living, even in a Study- Intensive Area, and may want to consider other living arrangements.

If you would like to live in a Study-Intensive Area, select that as one of your location choices. Study-Intensive Areas may be located in a number of different residences on campus depending on demand, and the locations will likely not be determined at the time that you apply. If you select a Study-Intensive Area and are accepted, we will assign you to the appropriate residence or section once it has been identified.

Picture of a group of students studying on Johnston's Green.