Academic Support

Each Residence Life Staff member will be organizing some events throughout the semester that will support your studies.  If you live in an academic cluster, you will have a Cluster Leader who will be focused on running events and answering questions related to your academic needs.


In addition, we have three Academic Drop-in Centres (ADCs), one in each area of residence. The Centres are located:

1) South Area - above the Mountain cafeteria

2) North Area - in the main foyer of Lennox/Addington Hall

3) East Area - in East Residences, near the Residence Life Manager's Office.


The ADCs are open:

  • Monday to Thursday, 7:00-9:00 pm.
  • Special hours on Friday nights before Saturday midterms for large first-year classes will be made available.


Each evening, there will be academic Cluster Leaders and resource people from on-campus departments to answer your questions and provide guidance in your studies. Feel free to just drop by the Centre to see what's available.

As well, watch for the timetable of special events posted on the ADC windows and on the large Academic bulletin boards located in main hallways of your building.

If you are interested in learning about upcoming academic programs and study sessions in residence, feel free to contact the APs [Academic Programmers] by email at  . Tell them your academic program and contact information, and they'll keep you informed of the resources and sessions being offered to help you.