Winter 2021 Residence

Picture of the East Residence townhouses in winter.


Already in residence?

If you are currently living in residence for the Fall semester, you don’t need to submit an application for the Winter semester.  Your Fall 2020 assignment will automatically be carried over to the next semester.  You’re all set!

New Applicant? 

We are excited that you are considering residence for the Winter Semester!  If you received an email from us inviiting you to apply, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about applying for the Winter 2021 semester.



Q:  How do I apply and what is the deadline?

A:  To apply for W21 residence, complete the Winter 2021 Application form on the Housing Portal at The deadline is Monday, November 9, 2020.

Q:  Do I need to meet one of the previously-established eligibility criteria to apply and be considered for W21 residence?

A:  No, we are inviting applicants who want the experience of living in residence, regardless of whether you meet one of the eligibility criteria.  We recognize that there are academic and personal benefits from the residence experience and are opening up additional capacity for a limited number of students, while also observing all of the Public Health guidelines in place to protect our students from the COVID-19 virus.

Q:  How will the lottery and waiting list work?

A:   All students who submitted an on-time application and deposit earlier this year for F20 residence (by June 1) and who had their application cancelled due to the COVID-19 decision to reduce our residence capacity, will be given priority for the W21 residence lottery.   If you apply by November 9th, your application will be entered into a randomly-generated lottery.  Approximately 500 offers of residence will be made from this group.  You will be notified if you are being offered an assignment.   If you are not in the top 500 applicants, or you are a late applicant, you will be added to the waiting list in lottery order, and then in order of the date your W21 application was received.  We will use the waiting list to fill spaces if vacancies become avaiable.

Q:  I did not get an invitation to apply.  Can I still apply?

A;  Yes.  We sent the invitation to those who indicated last summer that they were interested in W21 residence if it was an option.  Regardless, you can still apply using the Housing Portal.  

Q:  If I don't get a spot in residence, but I meet one of the eligibility requirements (such as wifi connectivity, or unsuitable living conditions for studying) what can I do to secure a space in residence?

A:  If you require residence for valid reasons based on the eligibility criteria established for Fall 2020, you can write us at to describe your personal circumstances.  Your application may be approved outside the lottery on a case-by-case basis.

Q:  Will you be assigning students according to academic program as in Fall 2020?

A:  No, assignments will be to East Residence or East Village.  Other residences are either at capacity or off-line.  

Q:  If I apply, and I am successful in getting an assignment, what would happen if I change my mind? 

A:  After the lottery, if you are successful, we will send you an offer.  If you accept the offer, you will pay a $250 deposit to confirm your acceptance.  If you do not pay the $250 deposit, your application will be deemed as cancelled and there is no penalty.   If you confirm acceptance, and then cancel your application, the $250 will be forfeited.  

Q:  Can I specify a roommate to be assigned?

A:  All assignments will be single rooms.  It is not possible to specify a roommate preference at this time.



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