Application Fee and Deposit

If you are returning to residence, we try to make it easier to pay your $750 deposit during the winter semester when money is tight.

The $750 deposit is divided into two payments: a $250 application fee due when you complete your Residence Application, and the remaining $500 due by June 1.

Together, these two payments constitute your $750 residence deposit, which is applied to your residence fees in the winter semester of your contract term.

Please note: this payment arrangement is for returning residence students only. New incoming first year students pay the full $750 at the time of application.

You may pay using:

  • Online or Telephone Banking (through your own bank)
  • Money Order, Bank Draft or Certified Cheques (no personal cheques)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cash or Interac (Debit Card) in person in our office

You may NOT pay using:

  • Personal Cheques (or other non-certified cheques)
  • PayPal
  • Interac E-mail Money Transfers
  • Credit Cards

NOTE: This applies only to the Residence Deposit. All other account payments (such as any costs for early arrival, etc.) are paid through your general student account through Student Financial Services.

Residence Deposit Confirmation 

Once we have processed your deposit on our end, you will receive an email confirmation to your email account.

If you used online or telephone banking, it takes three or more days to update the information. But don’t worry – we honour the date that you submitted the deposit through your bank.

Cancellation Policies & Penalties

Need to cancel your Residence Application? Send us your cancellation in writing to There are administrative fees involved, so be aware. You can find full Cancellation and Deposit Forfeiture policies in Section 19 of the Residence Contract. Please note: If you have not paid the residence deposit, or have only paid the $250 application fee, you are still subject to the deposit forfeiture charges as outlined below. If you cancel your application while you are on the residence waiting list and we are not able to offer you a residence placement, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

Cancel before July 15 - forfeit $250

After July 15 - no deposit refund, forfeit $750

Residence Deposit Appeal

Did you cancel your plans to live in residence, but there are extenuating circumstances? If you don’t think the deposit forfeiture penalty should apply in your situation, and you want to appeal, send an email – with your supporting documents – to the Deposit Appeals Committee of Student Housing Services at

First Year Student Residence Bursary:

Need a little help? If you can show that you are in financial need, you can apply for one of five $500.00 bursaries. First-year students in any program are eligible, and you’ll need to stay in residence for your first year of studies. You can apply by completing the on-line Financial Need Assessment Form for Entrance Awards by April 15.

For more information check out the First Year Student Residence Bursary page on the Student Financial Services website.