Living Learning Centres (LLC)

There are seven co-ed Living Learning Centres where you can live with students who share your interests.  Each one is home to a group of 25-50 students, as well as a Program Facilitator (PF) and a Residence Assistant (RA) who plan events around the theme of the LLC to create an engaging and constructive community.

Our living learning centres include: 

Arts House:  for those interested in creativity and all forms of artistic expression;  
Eco House:  a strong environmental focus on sustainability;
French House (also known as La Maison Francaise):  celebrates the Francophone language and culture;
Innovation House: focuses on entrepreneurship and creativity;
International House: celebrate global worldviews and diverse cultures;
Design House:  use their minds and skills to  create new forms of expression;
Leadership House: an interest in community involvement and volunteering and developing skills to become leaders.

You do not need to be registered in a related academic program to apply for an LLC. Just be enthusiastic about the theme and ready to participate in community events!  

Find out more and how to apply for our Living Learning Centres.

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