Be responsible for your guests

Maybe you’re missing friends and family from the community where you grew up. Maybe you have new friends who live off campus and would like to spend time with you. Your guests are welcome – but, we do have some rules.

There are some times when overnight guests are NOT permitted:

  • Orientation Week,

  • Exams,

  • Homecoming,

  • Halloween,

  • St. Patrick’s Day

Guests must be over 16 years old.

You can’t have more than two guests at a time, and you can’t have guests for more than three nights in any seven-day period.

You need to register your guests and they will be expected to show a valid ID.

Be respectful of your roommates and be sure they agree before you invite guests to stay.

You’re responsible for the actions of your guests and ensuring that they know the rules of the residence community. If your guest is behaving inappropriately and putting himself or others at risk, the guest will be asked to leave and may be barred from returning.


On Homecoming Weekend, guest restrictions are in place.

This means guest restrictions are in effect from: Friday, September 27 beginning at 12pm through to Sunday, September 29 at 12pm.

During this time, guests (including those from other residences) will not be permitted in all campus residence buildings. This information is highlighted on page 7 on the Residence Community Living Standards.

Please contact  or a member of the Residence Life Staff if you have any questions.

Have a safe and happy Homecoming. GO GRYPHONS!