Fire Safety

We want you and everyone else to be safe!

Failure to Evacuate 
Everyone in residence is required to evacuate the building when there is a fire alarm.

Flammable Materials
Things like fireworks, propane tanks or gasoline containers are not allowed in your room or residence buildings. The only residence where barbecues are permitted is the East Village Townhouses. There the barbecues must be located at least three metres away from the building and meet Canadian safety standards.

Fire Safety Equipment & Fires *
Your residence is equipped with fire extinguishers, pull stations, alarms, and smoke and heat detectors. If you tamper with any of these, you can be fined $500 and/or evicted.. Any negligent or intentional fires started by any person can lead to a resident’s immediate eviction.

Smoking *
All areas in residence are non-smoking. Smoking is prohibited with nine (9) meters of any residence building (e.g. doorways, balconies, windows and air intake). E-cigarettes and “vaping” are not permitted in residence.

The RCLS which also fall under the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct are indicated by an asterisks “*”. These RCLS may be associated with common campus outcomes.