Rates Summer 2017

Traditional Residences Rates (Taxes Included)

  1-10 nights 11-29 nights 30+ nights
Youth (6-10 years old) $22.50 $22.50 $22.50
Adult $47.00 $31.00 $26.00
Student $31.00 $26.00 $22.50

*High school and university students must present valid ID at check-in.

FULL SUMMER - if you are a University of Guelph student taking summer courses, you can apply to live in residence for the full summer semester (May 9 - August 19) for the S17 semester rate of $2000. More information is available at Summer Residence.

Our non-air-conditioned, shared East suites can accommodate 8-10 people in 1 double room and 6-8 single rooms. The common areas that are shared include 2 full washrooms, a full kitchen, and an open-concept dining/living room. If you choose to stay in this style of accommodation, you would be sharing the suite with other people of the same gender for at least part of your stay.

Below is a typical single traditional room:

Traditional Single Room in East Residence


Private Townhouse Rates (Taxes Included)

  1-10 nights 11-29 nights 30+ nights
1 person $92.50 $53.00 $37.50
2 person $144.50 $83.00 $53.00
3 person $185.25 $115.50 $67.50
4 person $247.00 $145.00 $90.00

Our air-conditioned, private townhouses can hold a maximum of four people in four single bedrooms. The first floor has a full kitchen (no microwave or dishes) and an open concept dining/living room. The second and third floor each have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. 

Below is a typical first floor of a townhouse:

Townhouse First Floor

Below is a typical second floor of a townhouse:

Townhouse Second Floor

Below is a typical third floor of a townhouse:

Townhouse Third Floor

Information on making a Reservation.