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Winter 2020

- Are you looking for a part time job for the Winter Semester?

- Are you a "night" person? Can you work weekends?

- Are you looking for shifts that will work around your class schedule?

Maybe the Student Desk Clerk position is right for you!


Deadline to apply is NOVEMBER 11, 2019.

If you are interested in applying please fill out an Application Form via the link below. A résumé and cover letter are also required which you will submit through the Application Form. Please note we also require applicants to secure one reference (a previous employer), who is responsible for submitting a Reference Form on behalf of the applicant. The Reference Form link is below. The submission deadline for Application Forms and Reference Forms is November 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm.


If you have any questions regarding the positions, please contact Taylor McCracken, Desk Services Assistant Manager, and Joanne Mead, Desk Services Manager, at



Position Title: Student Desk Clerk

Reports To: Taylor McCracken, Desk Services Assistant Manager

Department: Student Housing Services – Desk Services

Employment Dates: Friday January 3rd 2020 – Tuesday April 21st 2020


Position Summary:

This is a part-time position 24 hours a week maximum, during the Winter Semester. The desk operation runs 24 hours and 7 days a week, meaning the Student Desk Clerks are required to work a variety of shifts (days, afternoons, evenings, and midnights). There is a contract expectation of the Student Desk Clerks to pick up a minimum of 3 shifts per month, as well as work their Regular Shifts. Please note, a “Regular Shift” is a choice and a student may choose not to have one. Each Student Desk Clerk will be scheduled for 2 midnight shifts each semester if necessary due to scheduling needs, and will be required to pick up a minimum of 2 additional midnight shifts if necessary due to scheduling. Please note a midnight shift can fall between the hours of 12am-8am. Student Desk Clerks will be required to attend an evening training session on Friday January 3rd. The desks are operational during Reading Week and on statutory holidays and Student Desk Clerks will be expected to work if scheduled. The role of the Student Desk Clerk is to augment the staffing levels at the desks.


This position is primarily customer service oriented. The Student Desk Clerks provide services and information to the student population, parents, visitors and University staff.


Essential Functions:

Responsibilities include: checking in, completing transfers, and checking out residence students; signing out spare keys, lounges and student equipment; directing incoming calls to students or staff on-campus; dispatching Residence Life On-Call staff; sorting and distributing mail; submitting work orders; opening and closing the desks; signing in and out other staff equipment such as Residence Assistant packs and Guest Tables Staff equipment; monitoring the virtual desk initiative after-hours; implementing fire watch, safe space, and other emergency procedures if necessary; recording any essential information in the desk communication book and email shift reports; and preserving the confidentiality of personal information of the residence students and staff.


The responsibilities listed above are not exclusive duties of the Student Desk Clerks; they will be required to follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties as specified by the Desk Services Assistant Manager or their designate.


Qualifications and Skills:

Strong communication skills, teamwork skills, and experience in customer service is required. Must be able to work a variety of shifts including – weekends, midnights, evenings, and days. Knowledge of the University campus, University website and Student Housing Services website is essential to this position. Student staff must be knowledgeable of the University’s and the City of Guelph’s resources available to students and guests. Student staff must be proficient in using MS Word, Excel, Outlook email and calendar.