Earlier this year the Ontario government created the Student Choice Initiative (https://news.ontario.ca/maesd/en/2019/01/government-for-the-people-to-lower-student-tuition-burden-by-10-per-cent.html) which allows university students to choose which optional fees they will pay.  Most of these optional fees are paid centrally at the time you pay for your tuition.  Fees associated with living in residence are paid separately.


The optional fee for students who have chosen to live in residence is the Interhall Council fee. This fee supports Interhall Council in its efforts to 1) advocate on behalf of residence students, 2) provide events and 3) provide leadership opportunities for residence students throughout the year.  By opting out of this fee you will forego the opportunity to participate in the various programs and services offered by the Interhall Council. To learn more about the events and activities initiated by Interhall Council please visit our website http://www.interhall.org/


The Interhall Council fee is $23.74 per semester for the 2019/20 academic year billed each semester.  Your opportunity to opt out of the payment of Interhall Council fees is presented once in accordance with the Student Housing Services contract which runs for two semesters.


You may exercise your right to opt out over the period of: June 19th 2019 through to July 10th 2019. Please take the time to educate yourself with what you will be missing out on should you decide to opt out.


Planning on participating?  Great, you don’t need to do anything else.


Wanting to opt out?  Just click on the link below.




You may need to authenticate using your University of Guelph username and password.