We are so proud of our Student Housing Services student staff team!  We honoured their contribution at our Annual Recognition Banquet to say "thank you" and to recognize the achievement of our outstanding student leaders!  

Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

Alastair J. Summerlee Award  -  James Rice

James Rice Award Winner


Leslie Way Award  - Caitlyn Lyons

Caitlyn Lyons Award Winner


Kevin Durie Award -- Ryan Medhurst and Shelby Bolitsky

Shelby and Ryan Award Winners


Residence Life Rookie of the Year

Kristen Mendonc - Lennox & Addington and Watson

Megan Lawlor - Prairie Hall

Gillian Currie - Academic Learning Communities

Shelby Roper - Johnston and Mills

Chelsey Edwards - Mountain Hall

Manreet Sahota - West Residence and Family Housing

Kia-Marie Parsons - East Residence and East Village

Taylor MacPherson and Emily Clapperton - Duty Staff, South Residences

Colleen Williams - Maritime Hall

Paige Cornish - East Residence and East Village

Jessica White - Lambton Hall 


Team Player of the Year 

April Vanderwall - Lennox & Addington and Watson

Kathryn Johnson - Prairie Hall

Matea David-Steel - Academic Learning Communities

Caitlyn Lyons - Living-Learning Communities

Prabhjot Vig - Johnston and Mills

Ryan Medhurst - Mountain Hall

Kiran Arora - West Residence and Family Housing

Kathleen Lalor - East Residence and East Village

Nick Banks - Duty Staff, South Residences

Kassy Kelertas - Maritime Hall

Adam Quinlan - Lambton Hall 


Desk Services Awards

Best Team Player - Natalie White

Professional Growth Award - Catherine Brassard

Best Mentor - Saki Honjo

Most Motivating - Marisa Goddard and Sara Graetz 

Guest Tables Best Team Player Award - Nicole Stroud

Guest Tables Professional Growth Award - Alison Wong

Guest Tables Most Team Spirit - Olivia Rhee

Guest Tables Most Motivating - Yvonne Lee

Guest Tables Most Personable - Wolfgang Kaufman

Guest Tables Best Mentor - Olivia Rhee and Andrew Loveland


Student Staff Awards

Duty Staff Member of the Year - Talia McNull

ALC/LLC Programmer of the Year Award - Raelyn Fowles

RLS Professional Development Award - Anmol Chanan

RLS Community Development Award - Danika Guppy

RLS Peer Helping Award - Kristen Mendonca