Now Hiring – Desk Services Job Opportunities


Fall 2017 and Winter 2018

Student Housing Services is HIRING for the Student Desk Clerk position this Fall and Winter Semester.

If you are interested, please download the application and reference forms, complete them, and follow the instructions on how to submit them. THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MONDAY NOVEMBER 13TH, 2017 by 10pm.





Below is a description of the job responsibilities, skills, and qualifications. If you have any questions please contact the Desk Services Assistant Manager (contact information is below).


Taylor Kerstens

Desk Services Assistant Manager

Student Housing Services

University of Guelph

519-824-4120 x 52804


Job Description

Position Title: Student Desk Clerk


Reports To: Desk Services Assistant Manager

Department: Student Housing Services

Position Summary:

This is a part time position 24 hours a week maximum, during the Fall and Winter terms. The Student Staff are required to work a variety of shifts on the Residence Desks, and they report directly to the Desk Services Assistant Manager. This position is primarily customer service oriented. The Student Desk Clerks provide services and information to the student population, parents, visitors and University staff.

Essential Functions:

The responsibilities of this position include: checking in, completing transfers, and checking out residence students; signing out spare keys, lounges and equipment; directing incoming calls to students or staff on-campus; dispatching Residence Life On Call staff; selling laundry amenities; cash reconciliation; sorting and distributing mail; recording work orders, and directing those that require immediate attention; record any essential information in the desk communication book; and preserving the confidentiality of personal information of the Residence Students and Staff.

There is a contract expectation of the part time staff to pick up a minimum of 3 shifts per month, as well as work their regular shifts. Please note, a “regular shift” is a choice and a student may choose not to have one, the regular shift is a bonus, it is not an expectation. Each Student Desk Clerk will be scheduled for 2 midnight shifts each semester and will be required to pick up a minimum of 2 additional midnight shifts if applicable. The role of the part time staff is to augment the existing desk staff.

The responsibilities listed above are not exclusive duties of the position, the Student Staff will be required to follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties as specified by the Desk Services Assistant Manager or their designate.

Qualifications and Skills:

Good communication skills and experience in customer service is required. Must be able to work a variety of shifts including – Weekends, Midnights, Evening, and Days. Knowledge of the University campus, the University’s website, Gryph mail and calendar are essential to this position. Student staff should be familiar with the University resources available to students. Familiarity with the Student Housing Services website and the City of Guelph would be a definite asset.